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A Christmas Poem


Humbly born in a manger

Renew our lives today

Instill thy peace within our hearts

Show us the perfect way

Thy birth we joyously celebrate

Mankind thy love still send

Angels proclaiming thy story still

Sing Peace on Earth Goodwill to men

by Leona Williams


I’ll Reach Out

When I’m walking in a valley

And I seem to be alone

When my burdens get so heavy

That I stagger beneath my load

Then I reach out for my Jesus

And He says, “Child I’ll lead on,

I will guide you through this valley

And you’ll never walk alone.”

When I’m standing on the mountain

And the world is spread below

And I’m shouting Hallelujah,

Looks like I have reached my goal

Then I’ll reach out for my Jesus

And he’ll say,  ”Child come on home

You’ve been faithful for a few things,

Now you’ve won a crown of gold.”

Leona Williams 1999

Hide My Imperfections

Sister Lanell Akin testified one day that she only prayed that the world would see Christ when it looked at her and not her imperfections. This poem is dedicated to her.


Hide my imperfections, Lord

Behind the rugged cross

So the world may see your Glory

And not my worldly dross.

If all my neighbors know of God

Is what they see in me;

Will they know You offer peace of mind

And sweet security?

I cannot win them on my own

My words will surely fail

But with Your Spirit reaching out through me

Your precious love is what they’ll see.

Leona Williams

The Son Is Always Shining

Brother Jack Roberts was testifying at church August 22, 2000 when he said that no matter how dark things get that we need to remember that the “Son” is always shining. This poem is dedicated to Brother Roberts

The Son is always shining

Though dark clouds obscure your view,

And your path is cloaked in darkness

It seems you’ll never make it through

His word will calm the troubled waves

His touch your troubled heart

If you will only ask Him in

Then He will do His part

Reach up toward the morning

Let faith your sustenance be

His love will be a beacon

As you journey on life’s sea.

Leona Williams

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